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How to get a better night’s sleep

How to get a better night’s sleep     Sometimes, sleep can be improved significantly just by making a few lifestyle changes- this list is made up of the habits that can most effect sleep. Try a couple at a time and see how your sleep improves!   – Sleep as much as needed to […]

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Sleep and depression – so what?

Sleep and depression – So what?     Well, often when people are suffering from persistent feelings of sadness and anxiety their sleep is affected. It can make it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep, or both. Sometimes the quality of the sleep just feels poor. This in turn affects how people feel, […]

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The Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare- what an exhausting sleep!

How much of this description of a bad night’s sleep can you relate to? It seems things haven’t changed much since 1882! The following are lyrics  from the satirical 1882 opera ‘Iolanthe’ by Gilbert and Sullivan. The Lord Chancellor arrives dressed for bed and describes a bad night’s sleep caused by unrequited love.    Love unrequited, robs me of […]

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Sleepyhead answers common questions about sleep

When’s the last time you spoke to a sleep specialist? Not recently? It’s not surprising, since we are few and far between. Yet sleep is so important, and affects everything from our immune systems to the way we feel. There is a lot of information on the Internet and in the media about sleep, but […]

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Sleep-news Have you got a question about sleep? Always wondered about a particular old wives tale or certain sleep aids? Leave your questions on this post or our twitter (@sleepyclinic) and Facebook pages.    

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We need real sleep- not the laptop kind

‘If sleep is a pointless process…it is the biggest evolutionary mistake ever made…’- Dr. Allen Rechtschaffen- Sleep Medicine Pioneer. This is a well written article on sleep- what do you think about sleep? Do you like sleep or do you wish we could reduce it?    

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Waking Up To Sleep 2014 – Speaker

What a great education day! Over 80 delegates turned up to learn more about the fascinating world of sleep at Exeter Medical School. Gp’s, psychologists, consultants, specialist nurses and allied health professionals were but a few of the many different types of professionals as well as members of the public who were bought together by this […]

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The British Sleep Society Spring Meeting 2014 – Speaker

Sleepyhead Clinics sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski presents at the British Sleep Society spring meeting 2014. If you’re a professional interested in learning more about sleep diagnostics and treatment sign up for this event here:

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